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30 Day Body Challenge. Here's the Skinny...

Posted by Cosmetic Laser Center on Feb 4, 2019 7:45:22 PM


MOM IN JEANS-1The best project you will ever work on is you... Are you ready?

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this to you, but YOU ARE FABULOUS! You are beautiful, valuable and irreplaceable, and you DESERVE to make your body a priority! So for the next 30 days, we are challenging you to put yourself at the top of your to-do-list. Give yourself permission to change and go beyond every self-limiting belief that has ever held you back from being the best possible version of you. Are you ready to begin?

Are you happy with your body?

Are you confident and comfortable in your own skin? When someone says that you are fabulous, do you believe it? Ask yourself this question: "If I could change or improve any part of my body, what would it be?" 

WAIT, before you answer, keep these 3 things in mind:


  1. You can not change the past, so let it go.
  2. Your worth is not dependent on the opinion of others.
  3. You are your only competition, do not compare yourself to anyone else.


Now with those 3 things in mind, let’s revisit the question... Are you happy with your body? 

When you are asked if you are happy with your body, your first thought should be you are fabulous and beautiful. Right now, today, no matter your body type, happiness should spring from you like a well. Do not allow your happiness to be dependent on whether or not you are at your ideal weight, or whether or not you fit into the jeans you wore in high school. The secret to being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day. When others see happiness radiating from you, they see beauty! 


You might be asking yourself... "Is it possible to be happy with myself right now and still want to change my body?" 

The real question here is, can you be content and evolve at the same time? Sure, you can! In fact, this is the powerful balance we should strive for every day — the balance between happiness in the moment, as well as in the journey toward becoming our very best version of ourselves. The overall impact of feeling confident about your appearance is, quite simply, immeasurable. Far from being an indulgence, taking the steps needed to like the way you look is a valuable investment in your self-confidence. And you are worth it! 


As you begin this journey, remember this... you are working on yourself, FOR yourself.

Everyone's journey is different so do not compare yourself to anyone else. This is about YOU, but you are not alone! Whether you are a size 6 or a size 16, body image is a concern for us all. And whether you are 25, 65 or somewhere in between, age is a consideration for everyone. We are in this together darling. This is going to be a great 30 days.


Now... let's get started! 



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