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Effective & comfortable spider vein treatment.

Get a leg up on ugly veins!

Spider veins can leave your legs looking unsightly. Luckily, spider veins can be treated quickly and effectively with Sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy has been around for over a century, with its modern origins traced to the mid 1800s. While the concept is not new,  recent formulations of sclerosing solutions provide more effective and comfortable spider vein treatment.

Spider veins are small, branch-like vessels on the surface of the skin. They are commonly blue or red in color and can be found on the face or legs. A micro-needle is used to deliver a FDA approved solution directly into problem veins. Usually, the veins blanch after treatment, and then ultimately disappear. While there is immediate improvement, results continue to improve over several months, with most people seeing 80% to 90% improvement after a series of treatments.



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When you visit Cosmetic Laser Center, you are always in the care of properly licensed & certified professionals. All laser services are performed by a Texas registered laser professional, injections are performed by Texas licensed nurse injectors, skin services are performed by certified skincare technicians and body contouring services are performed by certified body contouring technicians. All treatments & injections are administered under the direction of a Texas licensed physician.

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