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July 11, 2023
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Can Emsculpt Neo help with Post-pregnancy Diastasis Recti?

When it comes to body sculpting, Emsculpt Neo is leading the way, revolutionizing the industry with its innovative technology combining radio-frequency heating & high intensity focused electromagnetic therapy to eliminate fat cells while simultaneously improving the tone & strength of your muscles. But the benefits of Emsculpt Neo go beyond muscle enhancement. Studies have shown that this cutting-edge technology can also improve diastasis recti, a condition characterized by the separation of the abdominal muscles, often experienced by women after pregnancy. By stimulating the weakened muscles, Emsculpt Neo helps improve the appearance of diastasis recti, giving women the opportunity to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Traditionally, individuals with diastasis recti had limited options, often resorting to surgery as the only viable choice. However, Emsculpt Neo presents a groundbreaking alternative, providing a comprehensive solution for abdominal muscle separation and post-pregnancy core concerns.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti is a common condition that occurs when the abdominal muscles separate due to pregnancy or excessive strain on the core. This can result in a protruding belly, weakened core, and even back pain. Many women find it challenging to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies or strengthen their core muscles after experiencing diastasis recti.

What is Emsculpt Neo, and how can it help?

Emsculpt Neo is two therapies in a single treatment! This groundbreaking, body sculpting technology utilizes synchronized radio-frequency heating & high intensity electromagnetic therapy to deliver a comprehensive solution for both fat reduction and muscle growth. But that's not all! — What sets Emsculpt Neo apart is its ability to specifically target the critical core muscles that are compromised as a result of diastasis recti. Supramaximal contractions encourage the body to rejuvenate the rectus abdomen muscles, making them stronger and helping close the gap created by diastasis recti. This is supported by clinical studies which show Emsculpt for Diastasis Recti results in a significant reduction of ab separation.

The advantages of Emsculpt NEO post-pregnancy core treatments:

  • Emsculpt Neo is non-surgical! - One of the key benefits of Emsculpt NEO is that it is a non-surgical treatment, meaning no surgery or anesthesia is required. This eliminates the risks associated with surgical procedures, such as infection or complications from anesthesia, making it a safer option for women looking to address abdominal muscle separation.
  • Emsculpt Neo is efficient and time-saving - Emsculpt NEO treatment sessions at CLC are relatively short, typically lasting around 30 minutes. This makes it an efficient and time-saving option for busy moms who may not have the luxury of dedicating hours to exercise or other treatments. Plus, results are often visible after just a few sessions, making it a faster solution compared to other methods!

Emsculpt NEO's benefits extend beyond post-pregnancy recovery.

Emsculpt NEO not only helps reduce the appearance of Diastasis Recti but also improves overall core strength and stability. A stronger core is crucial for maintaining proper posture, which is essential for overall spinal health. By improving core strength and stability, Emsculpt NEO helps prevent back pain, a common issue faced by new mothers. Additionally, enhanced core strength aids in supporting daily activities, making tasks such as lifting and carrying your baby easier and more comfortable. A stronger core also makes it easier to resume exercise and other physical activities post-pregnancy.

Emsculpt NEO empowers new mothers to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness levels and confidently engage in their favorite activities without compromising their core strength or stability.

At Cosmetic Laser Center, we are excited to offer this innovative solution to new mothers, providing them with a safe and effective way to enhance their postpartum recovery journey. With Emsculpt NEO, we are committed to supporting and empowering women in their pursuit of optimal health and well-being. You can learn more about our Emsculpt Neo treatments, here.

Experience the transformative power of Emsculpt NEO and unlock a stronger, more resilient core. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your consultation!

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