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The Cosmetic Laser Center Difference

Since 1997, Cosmetic Laser Center has set the gold standard for success, quality and value in Botox and Cosmetic Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, and Body Sculpting.

Cosmetic Laser Center has continuously evaluated and implemented new technology, products and treatment protocols that work. Our well-appointed treatment rooms are equipped with more than 10 state-of-the-art, FDA approved, lasers and medical devices, including the latest Coolsculpting Elite, Emsculpt Neo, Ultherapy, ClearLift, Laser360, DyeVL, HydraFacial, DiamondGlow, DiamondTome Microdermabrasion and DermaPen. Cosmetic Laser Center’s inventory of the industry’s best cosmetic injectables include Botox, Juvederm, Vollure, Volbella, Voluma, Volux, Skinvive and Kybella.  

Because only the best and most effective skin health products will do, we carry the award winning SkinMedica and ZO Skin Health products.

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Texoma’s premier provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments & services.

All lasers, devices, injectables and skincare products are not equal. We have the expertise, training and technology to design and deliver the best programs, treatments and products for our patients.


When experience matters, trust the experts.

Cosmetic Laser Center is proud to have achieved the designation of a Top 500 Cosmetic Clinic in the Nation! This Allergan designation is awarded to the top 500 of 40,000+ cosmetic clinics in the United States and is based on the volume of Botox, fillers and CoolSculpting the clinic does. 

When we say unmatched experience, we mean it!  CLC does more cosmetic injectables and body contouring than all other clinics in Texoma combined!

Lori Suggs — Aesthetic Director
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Elite Status

We are proud to have the distinction of being an Allergan TOP 500 Partner.

Proven Experience

Since 1997

Botox / Neurotoxin Units Injected
Microderm & Hydrafacial
Laser Hair Removal Procedures
IPL & Ultherapy Procedures
Dermal & Lip Filler Syringes
Emsculpt & vShape Body Treatments
CoolSculpting Body Contouring

Proudly representing the

Top 1% of single location Med Spas in the U.S.

The year was 1997 — Cosmetic Laser Center opened its doors with a laser, a microderm device, a cellulite machine and 3 employees. These were the early days, the days before “Botox” was a household name.  Fast-forward through an economic recession and a global pandemic and Cosmetic Laser Center is still one of the top single location Medical Spas in the U.S. To say the least, a lot has happened in the aesthetic industry during the past few decades and CLC is always on the forefront of the latest and greatest cosmetic technologies. And we do it all with our team of 10 employees right here in good ole' Wichita Falls, Texas.

Who we are

Our Amazing Team

At CLC, we're proud of the incredible women who make up our team. And now, you can get to know them all on a deeper level, with our brand-new newsletter. Click here to learn more!

Callie Nichols
Callie is a jill-of-all-trades, a multitasker and a life long learner. She’s a lover of people, an efficiency enthusiast and a stickler for grammar. Callie is a wife, a girl mom and a yoga enthusiast.

Callie Nichols

Skin Care Professional & Laser Trailblazer

Texoma's Most Experienced Laser & Skin Care Technician

Callie Nichols, Registered Laser Professional, is originally from the Deep South, but has strong family roots in Texas. Callie is a true pioneer in the world of aesthetics, beginning her career when the field itself was first being created.

Callie worked with the first hair removal and skin rejuvenation lasers in addition to the second microdermabrasion machine in the state of Texas. She has conducted FDA trials for the efficacy of lasers in treatment of acne, and serves as a consultant and instructor for several prominent laser and skin care companies. Callie believes the ongoing education and pursuit of improvement in her field allows her to give the most up to date therapies to her clients.

Since 1998, Callie has been providing amazing results and her faithful following of clients is proof of her commitment to perfection.

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Dana Long
Dana is an eternal optimist, a spreader of joy and a disregarder of time. She’s a good listener, a people pleaser and a social butterfly. Dana is mama bear, a chocolate lover, a true crime junkie and a believer in unicorns.

Dana Long

Nurse Injector & Botox Fairy

One of Texoma’s Most Experienced Nurse Injectors

Dana has been an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for Cosmetic Laser Center since July, 2008. She is known for her creative uses of Botox & Xeomin for brow arching, Juvéderm & Voluma for rejuvenating the aging face and Vollure for producing fabulous lips.

A master trained cosmetic injector, Dana believes in combing her artistic eye with science to achieve optimal results. She is one of Texoma’s most experienced nurse injectors.  

Dana has 2 amazing children who have left the nest and one little darling still at home. When she is not providing patient care she enjoys aesthetic research.

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Krissy Goodman
Krissy is a list maker and an avid planner with a dash of spontaneity. She is a ring leader, a voice of reason and a pillar of strength. Krissy is a wife, a mom, a wannabe farmer, aspiring gardener and a self-proclaimed taco tester.

Krissy Goodman

Coolsculpting Specialist & Body Contouring Wizard

Master Certified Coolsculpting Technician

Krissy Goodman, our Master Certified CoolSculpting specialist, is an integral part of Cosmetic Laser Center.  Her professionalism and ability to personally connect with patients makes her an asset to our all star team.  

Krissy's dedication to client satisfaction, non-judgmental spirit and knowledge of body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting and Emsculpt, ensures that each patient receives the best treatment and experience.   Married to David Goodman Ph.D, they have two teenagers, Eli and Audi.  When Krissy is not sculpting great bodies, she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her family.

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Lauren Matthews
Lauren is an empathetic listener and a self-described “extro-intravert.” She is passionate, loves culture and is obsessed with all things beautiful. Lauren is a cuisine enthusiast, a documentary junkie and a wannabe world traveler.

Lauren Matthews

Skin Care Technician & Aesthetician on a Mission

Lauren has a passion for pampering her patients and helping them restore, maintain or enhance their natural beauty.

Lauren is a licensed aesthetician and has been working in the field of Advanced Medical Aesthetics for over 20 years.  She has worked with numerous educators and enjoys working with patients to develop a results-driven, customized skin care program that includes both professional treatments and science based skin care products. Lauren specializes in clinical skin care treatments including HydrafacialMD, Chemical Peels, Micro-Channeling, Micro-Dermabrasion and DiamondGlow.

Lauren is committed to ongoing education to remain current on the latest skin care techniques and new advances in the industry.  Her approach is one that encompasses technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch.

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Trish Jones
Trish is an artist and creator. She is a dreamer, an idealist and a collector of old things. Trish is a wife, an empty nester and a sassy grandma with a mild online shopping addiction.

Trish Jones

Marketing Director & Visual Story Teller

Trish brings more than 30 years of experience in marketing, communications and graphic design to her role as marketing director at Cosmetic Laser Center.

Trish is responsible for brand management, content creation and the development and utilization of the CLC website and social outlets. She strives to keep the CLC social media accounts personal and transparent. In a world of filters, photoshop and unrealistic body images, she hopes to encourage women to love themselves and educate those interested in medical aesthetics about the real-life expectations. If you haven’t yet, check out the CLC Instagram, Facebook page and YouTube channel to stay up to date!

Trish enjoys painting and gardening in her spare time.

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Dawn Powell
Dawn is a wearer of many hats, a master party planner and a recovering perfectionist. She’s a sympathetic listener, a selfless giver and a baker of yummy things. Dawn is a wife, a grand-ma and a once-upon-a-time empty nester.

Dawn Powell

Office Assistant & Manager of all things Important

Dawn works hard behind the scenes to assure every patient’s in-office experience is a positive one.

Dawn, with her sweet personality and patient disposition, loves to accommodate patients in any way she can. Originally from Tyler, she moved to Texoma more than 20 years ago with her husband Tom to raise a family of four boys. Being active and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to Dawn.

Dawn has several fitness certifications and exercises daily. Along with her love for physical activity, she enjoys her two dogs, Zoe and Duke.

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Lori Suggs
Lori is captain of the ship, a forward thinker and a believer in limitless possibilities. She is a lover of aesthetics and an amateur office “beautifier”. Lori is a dog mom, an empty nester and a NEW "Glammy" who always says yes to dessert.

Lori Suggs

Aesthetic Director & Med-Spa Pioneer

Recognized as a pioneer of the “Medi-spa” concept, Lori opened The Cosmetic Laser Center in 1997.

The Cosmetic Laser Center is considered to be Texoma’s premier laser facility and has been recognized nationally as a training site for both lasers as well as cosmetic injectables.

Lori was recognized as one of Texoma’s leading women business owners. The Cosmetic Laser Center, under Lori’s direction, has been a site for FDA trials, medical aesthetic workshops, and practice consulting. Doctors and nurses from both the United States and abroad have come to The Cosmetic Laser Center for training.

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