Chemical Peels

Cosmetic Laser Center's chemical peel involves a solution of exfoliating agents being applied to the skin to remove the rough, dead upper layer of skin stimulating the rejuvenation of new skin cells.

Chemical Peels - Peel away sun damage!

As we age, our natural skin refreshing process, where old, dead skin cells are replaced with new ones slows down. A chemical peel at Cosmetic Laser Center involves a solution of one or more exfoliating agents applied to the skin by our expert skincare professional to remove the rough, dead upper layer of skin and stimulate the rejuvenation of new skin cells. The result is taut, smooth skin that is relatively free of fine lines and blemishes such as age spots and uneven pigmentation. With several formulations, strengths and options, Cosmetic Laser Center can transform your skin revealing an improvement in texture and tone, lessening of fine lines, diminishing acne and scarring, erasing sun damage, and producing a more supple youthful glow.

This zero downtime celebrity-loved ZO stimulator peel provides gentle exfoliation that immediately revives dull looking skin and replenishes moisture. 

How does a Chemical Peel work?

Chemical peels work by loosening the cells that form the “glue” between dead skin and healthy skin. Light and medium chemical peels are used for superficial wrinkles and discoloration, acne and acne scarring. Chemical peels can be repeated as necessary to achieve and maintain your desired results.

What can I expect during my Chemical Peel treatment?

  • Before starting treatment, you will meet with our skincare professional to ask questions and find out what kind of a peel you need for your skin type and condition. The first step is a full evaluation of your skin and its overall health, including its elasticity. The skin care specialist will also go over what approach would be best for your skin.
  • Before the peel, your skin will be cleansed and toned to remove natural surface oils.
  • The chosen peel will be applied gently to your skin in one or more layers.
  • After your treatment, you will be given post-care instructions on how best to care for your skin as well as recommended at-home skin care to maintain your results.

Other common questions about Chemical Peels:

Q. Is a Chemical Peel right for me?

If you are looking to improve the texture and appearance of your skin due to damage from aging, the sun, acne, acne scarring or dark spots from pregnancy, you are a good candidate for a face peel. If it is your first time using a chemical peel, our Cosmetic Laser Center Skin Care Specialist is available to assist you with any questions you may have about chemical peels and what formulas are right for your skin type.

Q. Who is NOT a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

You are NOT a good candidate for a chemical peel if any of the following apply at the peel site:

  • Infection or disease
  • Cut or broken skin
  • Sunburn
  • Currently have an active Herpes Simplex 1 sore
  • If you are nursing or pregnant
  • If you have taken Accutane in last 6 months
  • If you currently have Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis or Rosacea. You are not a suitable candidate if you have used any of the following drugs in the last 48 hours: Retin-A, prescription skin care products, products that contain Vitamin C, skin-lightening agents or other exfoliants and scrubs.

Q. What are the benefits of a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels have been proven to help treat acne, wrinkles, skin spots or uneven coloring on your skin. Peel formula’s will be adjusted based on your skin type and individual needs. Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands. They can be used to:

  • Improve the texture and appearance of skin
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles under the eyes and mouth area
  • Pose as anti aging and sun damage treatment of wrinkles
  • Treat acne scars
  • Proven acne treatment
  • Reduce age spots, freckles and dark spots from pregnancy also known as a condition called melasma.

Q. What can I expect after my treatment?

After a light peel your skin may feel tight like it does after a sunburn. After a medium peel, several layers of skin will peel. You can begin wearing makeup within 5-7 days.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels
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