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Anti AgingWith age comes wisdom... and wrinkles! 

Aging may be a beautiful process, although, sometimes it helps to turn the clock back a little! Unchecked, that first faint line may soon turn into a full-blown wrinkle, and before you know it, the skin starts to develop permanent lines and creases and loses its natural radiance and volume. Cosmetic Laser Center offers a variety of treatments targeted at the fight against aging, like laser skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, injectables and fillers. 

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Love Your Body

Body ImageCosmetic Laser Center offers a range of FDA approved skin tightening, body contouring, hair removal and various other procedures designed to uplift and enhance the way you look and feel. 

Whether it’s dissolving unwanted fat, tightening loose skin, removing unwanted hair or a tattoo, we do it all with the most advanced equipment and breakthroughs in medical aesthetics. Less invasive and less expensive, our procedures are smarter, more convenient alternatives to surgical procedures and other high-risk treatments.  Cosmetic Laser Center has the right procedure for you. 

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Skin Care • Cosmetics

Skin CareSome say beauty is only skin deep.

Cosmetic Laser Center says your skin deserves all the attention it gets, because it’s not just about beauty – it’s about wellness, confidence, and being comfortable in your own skin! Cosmetic Laser Center offers clinical skin care products and services as well as private label cosmetics!  

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Treatments & Services


Through 21 years of training and experience, Cosmetic Laser Center has identified the very best and most effective programs and procedures offering a comprehensive line of cutting-edge, noninvasive treatments and services. Cosmetic Laser Center's team will help you choose your treatment options wisely and stay within your budget.


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"When Cosmetic Laser Center was founded in 1997, we pledged to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. We choose to do not merely what’s required, but to do what we believe is right and best for our patients. We are continuously upgrading our knowledge and technology. We made a commitment to ongoing safety and promised to foster a family environment. From the moment you arrive at Cosmetic Laser Center you’ll feel the bond we share with each other and quickly feel how much we care for each of our patients. We cherish the trust we've earned from the community and respect our reputation for friendliness, safety and quality.

Lori Suggs

Lori Suggs

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