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January 22, 2021
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Go BIG or go home lips...or NOT!

The majority of medically qualified injectors want their patients to achieve beautiful and natural looking pouts. But, of course, there are the exceptions, and largely because of social media, big lips have been big news for the last few years. In 2021, though, many are hoping this trend will gradually start to disappear.

As the public becomes more and more educated about aesthetic medical treatments, CLC thinks there will continue to be a shift away from big, over-filled lips or unnatural features. As more medically-qualified injectors are being sought out for treatments, results are going to be more expert and guided by anatomy, and therefore more natural and subtle.

For CLC, education and experience are both key when it comes to aesthetic treatments like lip fillers.

CLC encourages patients do their homework regarding who they should seek out for cosmetic treatments.  Patients who shop price only are more likely to get less desirable results, because they think they can only afford a cheap lip job. When, in reality, paying a bit more for lip filler by a qualified injector like CLC’s, will not only be better for you but will also be longer lasting.  

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