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March 18, 2020
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Reshape Your Body

Wrinkles, sagging and cellulite… oh my!  If only there was a yellow brick road that could lead us to a cure for all of the not-so-fabulous side-effects of aging.

As we get older, our bodies start to produce less collagen and store more fat—this is what eventually leads to wrinkles, sagging, cellulite and other signs of aging. Unfortunately science hasn’t come up with a cure for aging yet, but there are some pretty amazing skin tightening and fat reduction technologies available today that can help lift, tighten and sculpt our bodies from head-to-toe! Read more to learn how you can Reshape Your Body with V-Shape Ultra!

The most common complaints people have as they age are about cellulite and the loss of skin laxity. V-Shape Ultra is a unique technology that is able to treat these issues by using a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency technologies to permanently destroy fat cells, sculpt your body and eliminate cellulite.  No surgery, no pain and no downtime!

  • Lift  – your face, neck, chest, jowls, bat wings and buttocks
  • Tighten – your face, hands, neck, back, stomach, thighs, knees and elbows
  • Sculpt – your core, flanks, back, bra fat, love handles, arms, legs, jawline

V-Shape Ultra treatments naturally boost collagen production and break down fat cells, which tightens sagging skin, smoothens out cellulite, and makes the body look slimmer and more toned. Enjoy reduced fine and lines and wrinkles, leaving you with smoother, younger-looking skin.

V-Shape Ultra Clinical Benefits:

  • Non invasive, non surgical & very comfortable
  • Tightens skin & improves texture
  • Pain-free
  • No downtime following treatment
  • Suitable for use on all body parts

V-Shape Ultra Can Be Used For:

  • Skin Tightening – on body & face
  • Double chin, jowl reduction
  • Sagging facial & body skin
  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Fat reduction & cellulite treatment
  • Body sculpting on arms, abdomen & thighs

What is Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra?

Alma V-Shape Ultra is the 3rd and latest generation of Ultrasound Fat Reduction technology. It is painless and generates a patented shear wave form sound wave that selectively destroys fat cells without damage to the skin, without bruising and without any downtime. This ultrasound system is FDA approved for permanent fat reduction anywhere on the body.

Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra is the only platform in the world that is FDA approved for selective fat cell destruction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction using its patented radio-frequency technology. The procedure targets and instantly destroys stubborn fat and tightens and tones the skin, without pain or downtime.

Is Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra right for me?

Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra is ideal for people with stubborn fat or problem areas like the lower belly, outer or inner thighs, fat around the bra line area and the jawline. This procedure is not recommended for major weight loss but for stubborn areas that need contouring and tightening.

How does Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra work?

Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra delivers selective cold shear wave ultrasound technology directly into the problem areas below your skin’s surface with controlled depth settings for maximum results in all the layers. This ultrasound energy causes the fats cells to rupture – all while leaving the surrounding areas (nerves, blood vessels, skin, ect.) unharmed. The radio-frequency technology supercharges water molecules in your skin, which in turn cause a heat reaction to tighten and tone the skin, even within the first treatment.

Is Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra safe?

Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra is FDA approved and it has been shown to be safe in extensive clinic trials and millions of treatments have been provided worldwide with this system.

Are Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra treatments painful?

Most people report a comfortable experience with Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra and side effects are extremely rare. With the ultrasound treatment, slight tingling feeling may occur during the treatment and with the radio-frequency treatment it has been described like a warm massage. The skin will get a light pink/red from the radio-frequency treatment and may last a couple days, this is normal and staying hydrated is the key to successful treatments.

How soon can I expect results with the Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra?

Because of the power of the Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra system, results are seen immediately after the the first treatment but you should expect to see the best results for ultrasound treatments 3 months from your last treatment, as this is how long is has been documented in research to take for most of the fat cells to breakdown completely and leave your system. Some notice additional reduction changes even 2-3 months later. For the radio-frequency treatments, noticeable skin tightening can occur after the first session and every session thereafter but maximum results will occur three to six months after your last session, as this is when the maximum amount of collagen and elastin will be made in your skin, which gives your skin that tightness and toned feeling of our youth.

How many treatments will I need?

Desired results are most often seen after a series of 5 treatments.

Are the results permanent?

For selective ultrasound fat destruction: the fat cells that are treated are destroyed. However, while treated fat cells cannot regrow, thus yielding permanent results to those treated fat cells, neighboring fat cells can increase in size or new fat cells can form if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained. A good rule of thumb based on research is: if you keep your body weight under a 10% weight fluctuation, you will maintain your results.

For radio-frequency skin tightening and cellulite reduction: maximum skin tightening is achieved 6 months after your last treatment and full results usually last about 1 year, as unfortunately we are constantly aging, but if you do 1 or 2 maintenance sessions every 6 -12 months, you can keep your youthful glow and smooth results.

Alma Laser V-Shape Ultra treatments are available at Cosmetic Laser Center!

Find out more about how V-Shape Ultra canhelp you Reshape Your Body! Click the link below to schedule your FREE consultation with Cosmetic Laser Center. Or give us a call at 940-696-2192, you'll be glad you did!

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