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September 9, 2021
Injectables & Fillers

What to Do When the "Triangle of Youth" Becomes a Pyramid!

Wrinkles and fine lines aren't the only signs of aging. Volume loss and decreased collagen production—and of coarse, gravity—can result in flattened cheeks, sagging skin, hollowness under the eyes, and fullness around the jawline. This myriad of signs of aging may be seen as an “Inverted Triangle” or, the dreaded "Pyramid of Aging" — opposite of the “Triangle of Youth”. So what's a girl to do? Fear not, it is possible to reshape the face and create a more youthful look without making radical changes or undergoing surgery!

At Cosmetic Laser Center, we find that the cheeks, chin and jawline are extremely impactful areas to treat for a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, these are probably the least requested areas because patients are often unaware of the fact that the changes they see in their face are a result of volume loss.

As a natural part of the aging process, fat and volume are often lost from the cheeks causing the fat pads to move lower down the face, resulting in sagging skin. Fillers are a safe and effective way to replace lost volume providing amazing, lasting results without surgery! At Cosmetic Laser Center, our understanding of the structure of the face, combined with our advanced injection techniques allows our team to use fillers throughout the whole face creating better balance and proportion. Fillers help fill in the hollowness of the face and create lift and fullness, helping to shape the face and bring back that youthful triangle!

When you visit Cosmetic Laser Center, you are always in the care of properly licensed & certified professionals. All injections are performed by Texas licensed nurse injectors who have spent a considerable amount of their life learning about and understanding human anatomy. That’s the kind of artist you want to make you look younger and refreshed!

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