Best treatments in your 60s

Your 60s can be one of the most exciting decades of your life! From entering retirement to having grandchildren, there is so much to look forward to in your golden years—and that includes looking your best! 

More than ever, women are claiming these wonderful years as their own with non-surgical cosmetic treatments that make being 60-something look gorgeous!

At Cosmetic Laser Center, our goal is to keep you looking natural, and looking like you! Here are some of our most popular cosmetic treatments for women in their 60s and beyond:

Treatments for wrinkles & fine lines:

Erase & relax lines & wrinkles with Botox, Xeomin or Dysport. (Learn More)

  • Crows Feet - $300
  • Frown Lines - $300

Lip injections:

Define, smooth and plump the lips, or improve lip structure and correct imbalances all while maintaining a natural look.

Treatments that lift, tighten & restore lost volume:

Brow, Face or Neck Lift without Surgery

Treatments for beautiful skin in your 60s:

Body treatments that build muscle & reduce fat:

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Best treatments in your 60s


Best treatments in your 60s
Best treatments in your 60s
Best treatments in your 60s
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